Weight Loss Blog

I have another blog that I welcome you all to read. Its all about ME...LOSING WEIGHT!!! I've pretty much struggled with my weight ALL my life and have DETERMINED to get control of it!!! The highest I ever weighed was 408. At that point I began to lose weight without really trying...I did several different diets, Atkins, shakes, Weight Watchers, ALL of them were great diets BUT the weight loss would slow down and I would get frustrated and give up.

Recently I discovered a new diet called the HCG diet. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Seriousley, it is amazingly AWESOME. You eat a very low calorie, high protein diet and combined with the HCG medicine the pounds have been MELTING away!!! i am absolutely estatic!!! It takes A LOT of discipline but the quick weight loss is AN awesome REWARD!!!

Now I know that once I lose the weight, I'll still have to eat healthy...and I'm down with that!!! I'm relearning how to cook and EVERYTHING......AnywayZ... if your interested come check out my weight loss blog!!! I hope that I can be an inspiration to someone...I need your SUPPORT, Your ENCOURAGMENT and PRAISE!!! Hee, hee!!!  AND yes I have MY REAL WEIGHT posted for ALL the world to see...I don't care...I am what I am...make fun if  you want...I'm to busy losing weight to EVEN GIVE A CARE!!! :)))
Here it is...