I've got a TESTIMONY!!!

The Little Messenger
When She Found Him
Do you ever wonder?
Broken Hearts
Grandpa's Cookies
Turned Around
The Coffee Mug
Is It Worth It?
Reaching Back
To God Be The Glory
Faith & A Smile

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I Started writing when I was 15 years old. I just sat down one day with a pen and notebook and started writing a teen fiction novel. Then I brought it to my friends at church and the girls all loved it. They would give it back to me and tell me to write more for next time. Then I started writing short fiction stories and I soon began taking a creative writing class in high school.
I remember the first time I wrote something that made me realize God had given me a talent. It was a love poem called, "I Promise You Forever" The poem is a pretty deep and maturely written poem and lets just say that as a hyper, boy-cRaZy 15 year old, I KNEW that it was from God. I remember writing it, then reading it and just thinkin, HUH?!?? Then I was just like, "Uh yeah, THAT WAS YOU GOD!!!"
After high school I decided to try out college, ONLY because I wanted to take creative writing class again. However, when I went to sign up for creative writing I was told that there was a prerecquisite(Sp?) to take creative writing. I had to first take English 101. (ENGLISH IS BORING RIGHT???) I was like WHAT??? NO!!! BUT I wanted to take creative writing the next semester so I signed up for it.
While waiting for the creative writing class I thought in the mean time I would sign up for another writing class that didn't have any prerecs, Magazine Article Writing. Now, I was totally NOT into NON-FICTION writing. I figured it was going to be TOTALLY boring. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I discovered that non-fiction writing was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Seriously, I FELL IN LOVE!!! 
There is nothing as inspiring to me as taking a simple, REAL truth, a REAL story, a REAL testimony and share the love of God with someone. Fiction && NON-fiction, I LOVE them both. I wrote for several years on my college newspaper. I've been published in a few magazines and I've taken EVERY writing class I could find. I LOVE WRITING!!! To be able to sculp and create art with words is my passion in life.
I give God ALL THE GLORY for ALL my writing!!! He made ME, He made my mind, He gave me the talent, He TELLS me what to write! God is MY BOSS!!! I write for Him!!!