About ME!!!

One day I was talking to one of my friends and I said, "I can't believe that just happened! I am SOOOOO embarassed! WHY DO THESE THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!" Then we both just cracked up laughing because I had to admit it really was FUNNY!!! "What can I say," I said to my friend, "That was a Classic Mary Moment!" This blog is especially dedicated to all the Mary Moments. I love my life, I love being me and I wouldn't trade lives with anyone else! Here's a little glimpse at what its like being me! ENJOY!!! ;)
What is a Mary Moment?
Sooooo as you may have guessed, my name IS MARY!!! I know huge shocker right?! Anywayz, my full name is Mary Frances Ginty and my friends call me Mar Bear!!! I am a fun loving, vivacious person that loves God with all my heart!!! For fun I LOVE cooking, baking, blogging, writing, corny jokes, playing games, taking pictures and most of all LAUGHING!!! I especially love making people around me laugh!!!
You say, "How do I know that YOU love me?"
I say, "because,
 EVERYONE ♥loves♥ ME!!! ;)
I collect hair accessories, sunglasses, scarves, cute pens, stuffed animals and anything that's CUTE!!! I guess you could say i'm pretty girly-girl...buuuuuut NOT prissy!!! ;) The word SOPHISTICATED does NOT describe me....at ALL!!! HAHA!!! One word that DOES describe me??? Ummmm...Can we just say... babe-a-licous!!! Hee, Hee!!! My room looks like pink exploded in it ANNNND I LOVE IT!!! I also love anything bright and cheery annnnnd HELLO KITTY!!! :) I also love coffee...especially Starbucks, Mountain Dew annnnnd ANYTHING CHOCOLATE!!! Mmmm! My ALL time favorite food would HAVE to be PIZZA...jus something about it!!! 
Being a Ginty can get kinda cRaZy sometimes!!! I always say, there are those people that you know, that don't have God, but they still kinda got it together, THAT WOULD NOT BE US!!! We're so out there WITH GOD, my mind can't even fathom where we would be without Him!!! AHAHA!!! I come from a family of five children. Would it surprise you all to know that I am a middle child??? HAHAHA!!! Yes, two older and two younger than me!!! Anywayz, I have an AWESOME family and I love them all very much!!! My mom is my hero!!! She is the one that heard this gospel message and answered the call God made to her. She has been my rock and steadfast, FAITHFULLY bringing us kids to church NO MATTER WHAT growing up!!!
I think it would be safe to say that I am VERY MUCH a peoples person! I love to socialize, meet people and make new friends.  I am especially enthralled by learning about different cultures and ethnicities. My goal in life is to be used by God. When I was in my early 20's I ALMOST got married, but one day all my hopes and dreams shattered, but I would like to tell you that once I got past it all, I can now say that it was ONE of the best things that ever happened to me!!! It pushed me to REALLY START working for God! At 22 years old, in the middle of a broken heart, God led me to an African refugee community. I started bringing those kids to church and I've been bringing them to church ever since! God used them to heal my broken heart! Read my story HERE!!!  I LOVE bringing people to church...there is NOTHING better then living a life of service to God! I think you could say my theme song in life is, ♪If you can use anything Lord, you can use ME!!!♪♫